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Former Siri In Charge Of Apple Now Ready To Join Microsoft’s AI Division

After serving the multi-billion worth enterprise for more than a decade, Bill Stasior has decided to step down from the head designation of Apple’s Siri division, thereby leaving Apple Inc. after nearly 1 decade, and is now all set to join the artificial intelligence sector at Microsoft. Although Stasior had resigned from Apple in May, he shall be accepting the position of corporate vice president at the end of this month and shall be reporting to Chief Technology Officer Kevin Scott.

The resignation of Stasior is being regarded as less of an outcome of the current reduction in profit from Siri applications, and more of an overview of the condition of Artificial Intelligence at Apple. Last year, the iPhone maker had poached John Giannandrea from Google, where he was a former head of the research and development of AI.

The aforementioned incident move had provided a clear hint at the Apple industries and that their AI features were falling behind, as witnessed by Siri falling far behind Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa in terms of convenience as well as industry compatibility. Despite Siri being incorporated inside every iPhone device and had the first arrival in the field of voice assistance services, Amazon and Google have overtaken Apple in terms of consumer preference by incorporating their respective assistants into smart home products, due apples stricter stands on user security and its late entry to the smart speaker market, Siri has lagged behind.

Giannandrea’s role in the practical applications in the Siri division after his recruitment on last summer was immediately followed by his subsequent promotion to a senior vice president role at Apple in December. This meant that not only Giannandrea was reporting directly to Apple CEO Tim Cook, but was also responsible for all machine learning development and general AI applications at Apple Incorporated.

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