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The Rolling Stones Gets A Tribute From NASA By Naming Mars Stone After Them

NASA has paid tribute to legendry music band Rolling Stones by naming a peripatetic rock from Mars after them. During this week the InSight Mars Lander team announced through actor Robert Downey Jr. at California’s Rose Bowl that the rock will be called “Rolling Stones Rock”. Pasadena is home of Jet Propulsion Lab of NASA which handles the InSight mission and this announcement was made just before Rolling Stones walked on to the stage for their “Stones No Filter” tour. The band too celebrated the announcement by saying that this honor is a milestone in their long history and thanked NASA for their wonderful gesture.

The Rolling Stones Rock from Mars is actually a stone slightly larger than a golf ball and was found by InSight’s thrusters when the landing touched down on Mars last year during November. Due to the pressure of its thrusters the stone rolled 3 feet away along with several other smaller stones and orange red soil. This was the farthest distance that NASA witnessed stones rolling away when landing its spacecraft on other planet. This name given to the stone is just an informal one that has not yet been approved by International Astronomical Union.

That is the body which designates official names for objects found in cosmic space and states their features. But NASA officials said that the Rolling Stones Rock will be shown on all Mars maps that are used by scientists. The Mars surface mission team members have a long history of giving nicknames to objects on the planet like stones, outcrops and other natural landscapes to make identification easier. The Insight Lander which stands for Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport has been given the task of mapping interiors of Mars planet in complete detail. The lander is fitted with a suite of seismometers that the team will use to detect quakes in Mars.

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