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FCC Suggests 988 For Quick Access To Nationwide Suicide Prevention Line

The FCC needs accessing a nationwide suicide prevention line to be as easy as dialing 988. In a report sent this week to Congress, staff members suggest that the FCC assign 988 as the dialing code for a national mental health crisis and suicide prevention hotline.

Those services are already offered by the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, but consumers must dial 1-800-273-8255 (a 10-digit number,). Last year, Lifeline counselors answered more than 100,000 online chats and 2.2 Million calls. But the report by FCC discovered that a 3-digit number “might likely make it simpler for people in the US in crisis to access possibly life-saving resources.”

Ajit Pai (FCC Chairman) claimed that he aims to proceed with this suggestion. “There is a suicide plague in this nation, and it is excessively impacting at-risk people, comprising our LGBTQ and veterans teens,” he claimed. “Crisis call centers have been established to save lives.” While many (from Canada and Facebook and universities) have discussed employing social media and AI to stop suicide, a 3-digit hotline number might be one more tool.

On a related note, the FCC has accepted one more $121 Million in support to bring broadband connectivity to rural businesses and homes. It is the 4th round of funding after reverse auction of the 2018 Connect America Fund Phase II. The support, which will be dispensed over the coming decade, will assist extend high-speed Internet connectivity to 36,579 businesses and homes all over 16 states.

Funding applications that the FCC accepted in this round comprise $4.1 Million to offer gigabit access on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming to 849 businesses and homes, and $32.3 Million to provide gigabit access in rural Pennsylvania to 7,015 businesses and homes. Other states in which programs have got funding comprise Indiana, Arkansas, Minnesota, Maryland, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Texas.

Diane Sorensen
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After studying the Astronomical Sciences, Diane continued to write about space and the universe. Because of her passion and curiosity about topics related to science and astronomy, as well as his understanding of scientific terminology, she is responsible for the coverage of the science section. She is very enthusiastic in studying missions, launches, and discoveries of the space. Her knowledge about the Space domain is of great help to others too.

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