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Amazon Workers Who Praised Their Work Conditions Accused Of Lying

Twitterati have pointed out inaccuracies and scripted or robotic language to suggest that Amazon workers have been paid to spread lies. Many parody accounts are active on Twitter, set up by staff members termed Amazon ambassadors. The company had stated that ambassadors were staff members who shared their personal Amazon experiences via social media. The company stated that it wanted to educate people about working conditions inside fulfillment centers. The FC program and tours enabled them to do that easily.

Ambassadors applaud working conditions prevalent in Amazon’s warehouses, actively seek out& respond to the tweets that criticize the company. An ambassador named @AmazonFCHannah had talked about her depression and desire to leave Amazon. But the company provided her with supportive co-workers who helped her out of her depression. Another account named @AmazonFCRafael stated that Amazon’s managers were very involved in the welfare of their employees. Working at a fulfillment center paid $15 – $17 an hour, with benefits along with paid school tuition.

The very same account had talked about his gratefulness to the company for having been allowed to go for a week on leave, after utilizing his sick days and annual leave. However, skeptical Twitterati have accused these accounts of sharing scripted messages disguised as real experiences. One critic stated that all ambassador tweets had the tone of being forced to do so by their management. It sounded robotic and forced, and not genuine at all. When questioned about her account, @AmazonFCHannah stated that she got to use her account twice a week and take a quick break from her work. Ambassadors typically get gift cards, so she had been hoping for one as well.

Back in 2018, the company started calling its warehouses ‘fulfillment centers’. It launched the ambassadors’ program, inviting the general public for visits to these centers. Critics state that this move was an attempt by the company to improve its public image. The company has been regularly criticized for its poor working conditions in the past.

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