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Mansion Sale In Los Angeles Sets New Record

The Manor- one of the most luxurious and palatial mansions has recently been sold, breaking all previous records of monetary exchanges, and hitting the newspaper headlines. Reportedly, the gigantic mansion, which expands in nearly 56,600 square foot has even left the White House behind, its terms of area enclosure. And this enormous piece of beauty has been traded in exchange of $120 million, all in cash, as stated by real estate website, Mansion Global. With the selling price being an all-time highest, The Manor now owns the title of the most expensive residential property, defeating the previous title holder of Malibu Estate which had cost $110 million.

The grand mansion was built in the design of French estate was built in 1991 and is situated at the picturesque location of Holmby Hills neighborhood. Originally, the mansion was built for late television producer Aaron Spelling, who had gained worldwide fame by producing films such as Charlies Angels, Beverly Hills, and several others. The stately palace comes with countless wonders and luxurious features which includes a bowling arena, a vintage wine cellar, a beauty salon a fashionably crafted garden along with a hugely spacious motor vehicles enclosure which has abundant space large enough to withhold about 100 cars at a time.

The former owner of the mansion was the formula one racer Petra Ecclestone, who as per the records with PropertySharks, had paid $85 million to purchase it, back in 2011. Although Ecclestone has bid her goodbye to the mansions, no comments have been received from Jeff Heyland of Hilton and Hyland who had acted and spoken for the undisclosed buyer regarding the handover of the property. Since the transaction has not yet been added to the registry of property ownership, therefore current owner has not yet been identified, but we can expect him/her to make an appearance soon enough.

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