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Intel, Qualcomm Touts Prototype For Developing 5G Devices

Most of the first gadgets to support 5G will be handsets, but ultimately, the tech is going to be accessible in a much broader range of devices. Earlier at MWC, we got our first glance at how that may operate for PCs, with media reporting that both Qualcomm and Intel were touting 5G modems that linked to laptop or desktops machines through their M.2 sockets.

On the other hand, before you begin betting on being capable of plugging in one of these modules for yourself and update your laptop or desktop to 5G, it seems like these are not being aimed as aftermarket updates. Both modules seem to depend on being linked to external 5G antennas, which do not aim to be user-updateable. Rather, the intended users for these are expected to be laptop makers such as HP, Dell, and Lenovo, which have brought analogous LTE editions of these modules earlier.

On a related note, Intel, the chip giant, has purchased the engineering team of India-based Ineda Systems for an unnamed amount. The chip manufacturer is aiming to employ the team for the designing discrete GPU processors. Intel had disclosed early last year that it was re-entering the discrete graphics sector and will be formally launching their novel discrete GPU by 2020 to take on the likes of AMD and Nvidia in the industry. The Ineda aqui-hire will assist the California-located firm in swiftly increasing up the GPU team.

“Intel purchased engineering resources from Ineda Systems, a platform and silicon services provider located in India,” a spokesperson of Intel claimed to the media in an interview. “This transaction offers Intel with a skilled SoC team to assist develop a superior discrete GPU business.”

Founded by Balaji Kanigicherla in 2011, Ineda Systems designs low-power SoCs for users as well as enterprise systems, majorly in IoT and wearables sectors. In addition to this, the firm is operating on AI fueled self-driving hardware system that comprises the firm’s own silicon.

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