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Starbucks To Extend Its Delivery Program All Over The US Via Uber Eats

Starbucks is targeting to extend its delivery service all over the nation by early next year by joining hands exclusively with Uber Eats. The two firms first started the Starbucks Delivers project in Miami last fall, and have since extended to 11 regions in the US. As per media reports, Uber Eats and Starbucks will also join hands on “technology integration and innovation,” although it is not clear precisely what that entails.

Presently, Uber Eats charges a booking fee of $2.49 for delivery orders from Starbucks, and manages all the logistics of picking your order up after placing it and bringing it to your house. Since orders must be made via the Uber Eats application, Starbucks users cannot yet get reward points. If they need reward points, they will have to order using own app by Starbucks for pickup. The aim on incorporation may soon mean that the two can be connected to each other. Before the Uber Eats joint venture, Starbucks had operated with Postmates to deliver drinks and food in a pilot initiative earlier in 2015.

On a related note, by the end of 2019, you will be capable of tracking your delivery by Domino’s Pizza using GPS. The firm is recognized for using technology and it has done things such as delivering pizza with the help of self-driving car and robots along with accepting orders via Alexa devices and cars. It has tested cashless shops and even enabling smart home porch lights when the delivery staff is close by. But informing you where your food is as it is on the way to your house may be most practical tech experiment yet by Domino.

The included ability will not just satisfy hungry users. As per media, Ritch Allison (CEO) claimed that he is “more happy” about the info that franchise operators will receive from the GPS tracking, which can assist users make the delivery procedure more well-organized.

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