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Facebook Was Given A Patent To Restrict Group Posts

Representatives of Facebook Groups can soon get more flexibility in managing who sees the comments posted on their forums. The Patent Office of the US this week approved Facebook a copyright for moderation of content that might allow moderators restrict viewership of posts by “problematic” consumers. Media dubbed it as a patent for “shadow banning.” The firm, together with other social media behemoths such as Instagram and Twitter, has been blamed by critics of engaging in the methods of secretly limiting who views a consumer’s content.

But a closer peek at the claims of the patent appears to define a function that is particularly meant to assist moderators and admins of Facebook groups and pages slash down on offensive material, instead of a site-wide decision towards the down-low censorship. The technique summarized in the patent appears geared towards “banned content,” or posts comprising “offensive content, profanity, derogatory content, insensitive content, and racial slurs,” as per claim. Any admin or moderator who comes upon an offensive post might then be capable of restricting the number of views by restricting the audience of the comment to the original users.

On a related note, the reported $5 Billion settlement by Facebook with the FTC is not even certified yet, but that is not stopping politicians from disputing at it. Senators Josh Hawley, Richard Blumenthal, and Ed Markey have claimed to the FTC in a letter asking for answers about the speculated settlement, showing concerns that the fine might be “sadly inadequate” considering privacy breaches such as the Cambridge Analytica scam. The questions cover not just the validation behind the supposed agreement, but the punishments and proof gathering methods further than the fine.

They requested the FTC about its “procedure” for measuring the size of the penalty, and whether or not it got data from Mark Zuckerberg.

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