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Twitter Will Now Remove Tweets That Dehumanize Religious Groups

Twitter, from today, will be executing their first moderation against hate speeches against religious groups. There has been a question from the twitter forum to the visitors about this annoying fact, where the religious groups are targeted as rats, filthy animals, and other things and Twitter is planning to get relief from that. The tweet engaged 8000 visitors in that particular proposal and as a measure of that, Twitter is going for the hate speech moderation from today itself.

Twitter has remained one of the popular social media and that media is accessed by all the special persons of the globe. However, they have not initiated any such regulations on the hate speeches before today. This approach of the Twitter has been mentioned by the officials to be a testing method to check whether that is actually moderating or not. He also added that if they find success in this, they can even go for other segments of hate speech.

Recently Facebook, another social media giant has been fined by Germany on the same issue and has also been cautioned by the French government on the same issue and now Twitter is solely moving into the matter, although there have been no regulations that have been put on that.

The method and the tentative practice, however, have been appraised all over the world and now the thing to be seen is the actual effect of the same. If Twitter finds success in the area, they will be expanding the features to stop the hate speeches over its platform and that will put immense pressure on the other giants in the social media.

Hence, the world is eyeing to the incident and hoping the best, of course, those who used to use such hate speeches are alarmed.

Diane Sorensen
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