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Wellness Company Pulls £250 ‘Fertility Drip’ From Sale After Outcry

A Wellness company, named as getting a Drip has been accused to use some uncensored images in the wellness products of it and hence the company withdrew the product from the market with an apology.

According to the latest coverage, the drip used to be for the fertility of the skin and since that is related to the fertility the image designers would have pictured a pregnant woman with the baby on her womb. Doctors accused that the image would give a wrong message to the women who are struggling with conceiving, and they also accused that the drip item is having no connection with the pregnant women; hence the company is targeting the pregnant woman with the image, although the item is not specialized for them.

The owner of the company apologized to the entire issue and in a version, he said that the intention of the company with the wellness item was never targeted on the pregnant women and hence they apologize if they have hurt any of the women or anyone with the image. Declaring hence, he also said that immediately, they will be taking the product out of the market. The cost of the product was 250£ and they have taken different assumptions to take away the item for the product.

There are some of the issues that are related to the company and the lifting of the item from the market. The company is taking care of the same too. Now, whether they will be re-launching the item after the modification is something that has not been declared from the end of the company. However, the thing that is notable here is – the complaint has been raised from the end of the doctors only and the regulatory board showed no interest in the thing.

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