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The FBI Aims For Additional Surveillance On Social Media

The FBI needs to collect more data from social media. This week, it launched a call for deals for a new monitoring tool for social media. As per a RFP (request-for-proposals), it is seeking for an “early notification tool” that might assist it monitor criminal activity, domestic threats, terrorist groups, and so on.

The tool might offer the FBI with authorization to the complete profiles on social media for persons of interest. That might comprise data such as emails, user IDs, telephone numbers, and IP addresses. The tool might also let the FBI to track people on the basis of location, offer access to personal social media history, and allow persistent keyword monitoring. As per the RFP, “The mission-essential utilization of social media will allow the Bureau to disrupt, detect, and investigate an ever increasing diverse series of threats to US National interests.”

But a tool of this kind is expectedly to lift a few red flags, in spite of the FBI’s call for “making sure all civil liberties and privacy compliance needs are met.” The government does not have the best record regarding surveillance of social media. Previously this year, the ACLU took legal action against the government over its employment of surveillance for social media of immigrants, and the Trump management has proposed letting officials to monitor the social media accounts of Social Security disability people.

On a related note, companies and cities may be declining facial recognition, but federal agents are using it. This happens whether or not the public is completely aware of what is taking place. Georgetown Law scientists and the media have found that ICE and FBI investigators have been employing state DMVs as a database for facial recognition info, scanning millions of images to make an unofficial surveillance record.

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