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US Government Asks The Federal Court For Dismissal Of Huawei’s Lawsuit

The US government on Wednesday officially filed a motion requesting to dismiss the lawsuit filed against them by Chinese tech company, Huawei, alleging that the US government resorted to illegal means when it blacklisted its products. Huawei filed the complaint back in March with a Federal Court in Texas stating that the law that deems its business within America as illegal is unconstitutional.

Huawei was enlisted in the entity list released by the US government meaning that no company that is based in America or uses American technology was allowed to continue any type of business with Huawei. With elections looming large now, President Donald Trump did agree to lessen the restrictions of Huawei.  Not just Huawei, trade talks between the two countries had almost freezed lately owing to the high tariffs implied on Chinese goods by the US government. That dry spell is also supposed to end with officials from both countries reportedly preparing to resume trade talks next week. The US government’s motion was filed in the same court of Texas where the original complaint was filed by Huawei. The US government said that Huawei continued to be blacklisted and hence a thorough check would be made while reviewing any request from any US based tech company seeking to strike any business with Huawei. Huawei meanwhile did not comment their take on the recent development.

Talking of the trade war, China stood strong and caused much more impact to the American economy than the thinking heads in Trump’s government would have expected. The Asian giants stood strong in their protest against the harsh tariff hike. The Donald Trump led government received severe backlash from American economist for its reluctance to resolve the issue that was now affecting the country’s economy quite severely. The resumption of trade talks will play a key role in the upcoming general elections.

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