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Soho Is Britain’s Unhealthiest Place To Live, Study Finds

In a recent study made by Liverpool University over England and Scotland, they found that the places in Scotland are more hygienic and good to live at, while places in England and especially around London are too much clumsy and too much unhealthy to live at.

The judgment of the same has been made based on three aspects – air pollution at the [lace and the accessibility to the greens and the parks; the density of population at the places and the food outlets there at the space.

When the reports are collected, it has been found that almost all the cities and the places in and around London are very much unhygienic for human living. They are having a huge population in one kilometer of the city and that is, according to the study, pathetic for human life. At one place of the report, it is written that how can the people out there find the oxygen in the air? Whereas in other places it has been noted that there is no park at all in the city and therefore the city is having o green space for the air flow.

Finally assessing, they told that one is that there is excess population in the city of Westminster, other than that there is no park and the smell of the food is doing a ravage at the places. Shotley, North Killingholme is some of the other locations that are very close to that of Soho in this aspect, but Soho is far ahead to others in all aspects. Air pollution of the city is also too much and that is going to make havoc to the city in the near future, if not taken into consideration right at this moment. How these reports will be dealt with is the next thing to be considered now.

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