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Older Vehicles To Be Retrofitted Soon Says Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk

Elon Musk says there will be no refresh on Model S or on model X.  Older models will be retrofitted soon, tweets Elon Musk.

Tesla continues to keep its interest in autonomous cars. It now has 528,000 vehicles to retrofit.

At the Investor Day early this year, Elon Musk was found talking about the new chip built. It has 6 billion transistors in a powerhouse of 260 square millimeters. This will perform 21 times much better than the Nvidia chips that it will be replacing.

The newly introduced Full Self-Driving computer has two chips to provide for redundancy and for power delivery. This will be more economical as it will be 20 percent lower than the Nvidia hardware HW2+.

This is the first chip built in-house. It is more powerful with better performance. Much is expected from the new chip FSD.

Model X. S and 3’s that have been recently produced, have the new chip introduced into their vehicles. Those who have paid for the full add-on package “Full Self-Driving” that costs $6,000 can get them upgraded for free, says Musk.

However, for those who own the older version of Tesla, Musk has some good news. The models can be upgraded with self-driving chips that are more powerful. About half-a-million users who already own the old Tesla models can benefit from this new and powerful chip, says Musk. The upgrade may take place by the end of the fourth quarter, tweets Musk.

The company can find its profits leap, once the FSD software is successfully aligned into autonomous cars. This will be more profitable for the company in the long run and prices can be increased if everything falls into place says the CEO.

For now, there are some hurdles. Tesla faces competition from Uber and Waymo. Further, as production targets are set high, the company has to meet them first.

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