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Companies Including Microsoft Ready To Take Out Slice From Google Chrome

Before the likes of Facebook, Amazon, and Google shot into fame, it was Microsoft, which enjoyed a monopoly in the world of technology, completely dominating proceedings. No Internet-based product was considered complete, but for Internet Explorer, the web browser from Microsoft. Indeed, the browser from Microsoft was the sole gateway for accessing the net for almost 95% users during the early 2000s. The complete dominance of Microsoft however, was jeopardized by the interference of the Government to split the company apart.

After almost a couple of decades, Google Chrome reigns supreme as the biggest name in the world of browsers, just as Microsoft was, facing almost the same challenges as Microsoft, including scrutiny by the government. Google, however, has to face a new challenge, something that Microsoft never faced. It is a growing realization of the customers that their online privacy is being invaded and every digital step they take is being monitored.

This can have a catastrophic effect on Google, as Peter Dolanjski, the product lead for Firefox, the web browser of Mozilla sees it. He referred to the incident wherein Cambridge Analytica, the political consulting firm got access to the personal data from the accounts of millions of Facebook users and that of those in their friend list. Dolanjski referred it as a scandal, saying that Analytica played the role of a catalyst, making people aware that their personal data can be used in ways that they would never like.

And the most important part is that Microsoft is going to gain out of this debacle, serving people out, as they become more and more fed up with the Google Chrome’s controversial practices of maintaining privacy. Microsoft is not the only name. There are others doing the same, like Mozilla Firefox, which took a beating from Google after the later shot into fame with its browser. Other smaller browsers like Vivaldi, Opera, Brave, and the likes are taking a leaf out of the debacle to make amends.

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