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Trump Said He Would Ease On Huawei; Questions Remain

President Donald Trump had said during last weekend that he would loosen the conflicting ban on Huawei to have sales in America. It was good news for the Chinese telecom giant tech firm and their suppliers.  However, following the announcement, several days have passed by without proper answers to questions. During the G20 summit held at Osaka in Japan, Trump had said that he would permit US companies to continue sales to Huawei of goods that are not threatening to national security.

Huawei is the world’s top telecom equipment provider and one of the most significant customers of US companies. It is also one of the prime companies in Chinese technology and has plans of worldwide rollout of 5G wireless networks. US government has seen this as a threat to the country’s security issues. This announcement by Trump followed instant pressure by tech firms which said the ban was a worse disadvantage to their profits and Chinese officials had also stated they would urge Huawei for concessions as part of US-China trade deal.

Trump said that many people were surprised. US sells Huawei huge amount of product which are used to make other things. He also said that he has finally permitted them to sell those products. That had happened on last Saturday. The government has after that issued few public details regarding details of what would happen following the announcement. The Commerce department has denied answering to any request for statement and has not even issued any extra guidance on remarks of Trump. Companies have been waiting for a clear answer on how and when they would finally be able to resume their sales of billions of dollars to Huawei.

It is also yet to be seen if the loosening of grip on Huawei would be enough to persuade Chinese leaders to finally agree to sign the trade deal.

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