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Facebook Developed A Tool To Keep Eye On Misinformation About Itself

Facebook is not just worried with the conspiracy theories, false news, and malicious content distribution on its services. It is also concerned about the speculations distributed related to its platform. As per media, the firm has a special software tool dubbed as Stormtracker employed to debunk and track misinformation related to Facebook, comprising rumors distributed on WhatsApp.

Designed in 2016, Stormtracker has been employed to follow viral posts about the firm. It has tracked everything from speculations that Facebook listens to consumers, to a prank that informed users if they did not copy-paste a status the firm might share their private data. In at least a handful of cases, Facebook employed Stormchaser to share texts debunking fake claims about the firm.

Some claim that Stormtracker is evidence that Facebook prioritizes battling false news that places the firm in a bad light as compared to other misinformation, but the firm claims that is not the case. “We did not employ this internal tool to fight fake news since that was not what it was developed for, and it might not have worked,” a spokesperson of Facebook claimed to the media. “The tool was developed with simple tech that assisted us detect posts related to Facebook on the basis of keywords, so we can mull over whether to answer to product confusion on our own service,” he added.

On a related note, Facebook is not just restricting its anti-interference attempts to elections. The social media giant has posted one more updated on its civil rights review, and with it news that the firm aims to treat the 2020 US census as if it was a vote. It will have a group devoted to battling misinformation related to the census, a rule to crack down on false census-associated stories, and associations with non-partisan groups to drive participation. AI will assist enforce the rule, Facebook claimed.

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