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Google Refuses Discussions With Dish On Making New US Carrier

Google has been working on an MVNO employing broadband from Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular from 2015. After a rebrand late last year to Google Fi, the wireless platform is aiming for more users than before with extended iOS and Android support. A new media report this week stated that “Google is in discussion to assist make a 4th US wireless carrier” with Dish.

As per the media, Alan Mulally—Alphabet director and an ex-Ford CEO—has “lately been in talks with satellite-TV behemoth Dish Network about a plan to make a 4th US telecom firm.”

Since 2018, Sprint and T-Mobile have attempted to unite into one primary U.S. supplier to better vie against AT&T and Verizon. The Department of Justice has been uncertain to sanction the deal owing to antitrust issues that leave users with one less national platform.

The newest developments recommend that the government might allow this contract if a 4th network was generated on behalf of Sprint. Dish has been more and more placed as taking on that role.

This week’s report recommends that Google might “assist” roll out this new supplier by operating with Dish. One obvious role might be to supply the backend infrastructure required to manage a complicated network. The media cites a forecast from “insiders” that a “fully, new independent wireless network” might roll out in “almost 3 Years.”

On a related note, Google has banned Trends notifications in New Zealand after criticism from the management that it posted the name of a murder suspect, breaching a court order.

The incident took place in December last year, when Google Trends posted the name of a man blamed of killing Grace Millane (British backpacker). Days post the murder, Google emailed to everyone registered for the “what’s trending in New Zealand” notification that comprised the name of the charged killer in the tag line.

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