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Lyft And Aptiv To Offer Self-Driving Services For Blind And Low-Vision Riders

San Francisco-based transportation network company Lyft and global auto parts company Aptiv PLC are already conducting autonomous driving tests in Las Vegas. And now they’re going to expand their restricted project to incorporate effortless traveling for blind and low-vision riders. To accomplish the expanded project, the companies have collaborated with the National Federation of the Blind. Through a blog post, Lyft specifies that this collaboration is a significant part of their overall plan of delivering mobility for everyone, including e-scooters & bikes, shared rides, and other options as well.

The company has partnered with the organization of blind to make sure that the company is planning to incorporate fully autonomous vehicles to deliver featured ride-hailing services. The featured services that the companies are planning to deliver include giving detailed information about the route and the vehicles in which the blind and low-vision passengers or riders will travel. Moreover, the autonomous driving services to be launched under this project can be used as one of the effective modes of transportation for people with neurological disorders as well.

On a similar subject, the California Public Utilities Commission offered a permit to Alphabet’s autonomous driving technology development company, Waymo, to participate in the state’s pilot program to launch autonomous vehicles for serving passengers. Under this program, the company may not charge riders, and a human driver must be seated behind the wheel for safety. The permit encourages Waymo to bring robot taxi services officially in California.

Waymo claims that it hasn’t set any estimated deadline for introducing commercial ride-hailing services in California as it executed in Arizona, last December. Waymo One, the autonomous service launched by the company, is active for volunteer test riders only. Moreover, the company reached an agreement with Lyft to incorporate 10 of its autonomous vehicles under the ride-hailing company’s platform.

The company will offer autonomous ride-hailing services only to its employees and their guests in restricted areas in California, which include Los Altos, Palo Alto, and Sunnyvale, along with a few more regions.

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