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New Animated Stickers Comes To Telegram With The Latest v5.9 Update

Telegram does not quite have the equivalent user numbers as its key rival WhatsApp. However, it does have a few features that the instant messaging app does not provide. Among these is a better sticker setup that has been on the platform since 2015 and functions a lot better compared to that on WhatsApp. Now, Telegram has brought animated stickers to its platform that are stated to be high-quality while maintain the file sizes small to assure that they do not utilize a lot of bandwidth. Now, with the most recent app update of Telegram, v5.9, animated stickers are introduced for all users.

Lottie-based .TGS file format is used by the new animated stickers and is played at 60 fps. Every sticker is stated to consume 20-30 kb, which is significantly less than the regular picture. Further, via its blog post, Telegram says that the new stickers use up less battery too. The initial stickers’ set have been developed and presented by Telegram itself, however, the .TGS one is open. Users and artists are free to build their own stickers utilizing this format and send them through the interface. Stickers are among the most famous features of Telegram and are developed to be distributed quickly and easily; users merely require tapping on a received sticker to be capable of downloading it and including it to their library.

On a similar note, as reported recently, Messages app of Google is turning a lot more like Snapchat, iMessage, and Messenger app of Facebook. After RCS chat of Google provides it the abilities of instant messaging, the company is introducing AR filters to the application. Much resembling Snapchat, one will get the capability to apply effects on the background or on their faces. One can also include video filters for fireworks, balloons, and other cool stuff to add zing to media exchanges.

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