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Twitter, Facebook Not Invited For Social Media Summit Of Trump

Twitter and Facebook have not been invited by the White House for its Social Media Summit scheduled for this week, as reported by the media. It has stated this may be due to the belief of President Donald Trump that the platforms repress Republican or conservative views. Possibly, the summit is to attend to problems related to social media, reported The Hill, citing CNN. A meeting without presentation from the giants such as Twitter and Facebook cannot be considered of but Trump has often rebuked them for not valuing outlooks of Republicans on their platforms.

Recently, the White House rolled out a new tool for individuals to inform if they have been incorrectly suppressed, suspended, or banned on Twitter and Facebook. The tool arrived in the wake of numerous Republicans criticizing Twitter and Facebook for repressing conservative speech on these platforms. Directed by Ted Cruz, a Republican Senator, the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s board that shattered Twitter and Facebook in April over distresses of prejudice against conservatives. Cruz has frequently claimed that Silicon Valley giants were unfair against conservatives and regularly repress right-wing voices.

On the other end, in 2017 summer, a housing and golf course project proposed in the desert by Arizona developer Mike Ingram’s was confronting an obstruction owing to a verdict by the Department of the Interior. It was determined by a field overseer for the US Fish and Wildlife Service that it was “rationally certain” that endangered and threatened species could be debilitated.

However, that verdict abruptly changed after a covert breakfast gathering at a Montana hunting lodge between David Bernhardt, then the deputy Interior secretary of Trump administration, and Ingram—Arizona Diamondbacks’ co-owner and a donor to President Donald Trump. After the gathering, which didn’t reflect in the official calendar of Bernhardt and hasn’t been earlier accounted, the field supervisor stated he was pressured to overturn his verdict, enabling the project to progress.

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