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Booz Allen Hamilton Aims At Development In Military Space Programs

Booz Allen Hamilton, a firm engaged in technology consulting, is actively making shifts in the national security space industry. Reportedly, the firm is fortifying its existence in Colorado Springs, which is considered as the Air Force Space Command’s home. For this, the firm disclosed that it has appointed Chris Bogdan, who was ex-Air Force Lt. Gen. Now, he is supposed to work as senior vice president and head the latest expansion.

This week, in an interview with SpaceNews, Bogdan proclaimed that the firm is concentrating on the ground-based part of military space systems. Numerous space programs across the intelligence community and DoD are shifting from legacy systems, which are expensive to upgrade, to the latest open architectures, in which software applications can be rapidly uploaded. Bogdan said that data analytics, satellite ground control stations, and cybersecurity are the key regions where the firm sees opportunities to grow its business.

On a similar note, Arianespace came into the news as it confirmed that the Vega rocket was not successful to reach orbit. The firm added that the telemetry was lost just a few minutes following the liftoff. A European Vega rocket is supposed to launch the latest Earth observation satellite intended for the United Arab Emirates this week. The Vega rocket, capped with the FalconEye1 satellite, is supposed to lift off in Kourou, French Guiana this week from the Guiana Space Center.

Arianespace is the European launch provider in charge of the latest mission. It is supposed to start a live webcast approximately 15 Minutes prior to the liftoff with English commentary. The latest mission was initially scheduled to launch last week. However, the mission was delayed by Arianespace twice owing to adverse weather conditions. Last week, the firm scrubbed the launch owing to high-altitude winds and postponed it.

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