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NASA Replaces Moon Program Management To Meet Government’s Directive

In a major unexpected result at NASA Headquarters, Jim Bridenstine—NASA’s Administrator—stated that Bill Gerstenmaier, Director of Human Spaceflight, has been swapped in the middle of an ambitious thrust to meet the Trump government’s directive to take astronauts back to the moon in 5 Years. Effective without delay, in a letter Bridenstine said to space agency employees that Ken Bowersox—a five-flight shuttle veteran, Gerstenmaier’s deputy, and space station astronaut—would take over on an interim basis whilst Gerstenmaier acts as “special advisor” to Jim Morhard, NASA’s Deputy Administrator.

Bridenstine said, “As you know, NASA has been assigned with a bold challenge to take the next man and the first woman on the Moon by the end of 2024, with an aim on the final goal of taking humans to Mars. In an attempt to attain this challenge, I have determined to make leadership alterations to the HEO (Human Exploration and Operations) Mission Directorate.” Bill Hill—Deputy Associate Administrator for NASA’s Exploration Systems Development—also has been replaced. Reportedly, Hill has helped in managing the expansion of the space agency’s latest heavy launch rocket, the SLS (Space Launch System) required to take astronauts back to the Moon.

Recently, NASA was in news for granting contract to SpaceX for lifting off NASA’s small astrophysics operation. NASA has awarded a liftoff deal to SpaceX for the launch of a small astrophysics assignment as the company presented a Falcon 9 at a lesser price than a smaller rocket. NASA reported that it picked SpaceX to release the IXPE (Imaging X-Ray Polarimetry Explorer) operation on a Falcon 9 during April 2021 from KSC’s (Kennedy Space Center) Launch Complex 39A. NASA stated that the entire cost to the space agency for the release is $50.3 Million, which comprises the liftoff itself and other “operation-related costs.”

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