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Scientists Find Out Source Of Cell Mask That Conceals Stomach Cancer

According to a study, a layer of cells that appear like normal stomach lining over sites of stomach cancer can make it tough to spot following elimination of a Helicobacter pylori infection. In the latest study, scientists from HU (Hiroshima University) have disclosed the source of this layer of cells: it is created by the cancer tissue itself. H. pylori are a kind of bacteria that is found in people’s stomachs. To endure the harsh surroundings these bacteria can counterbalance stomach acid. Reportedly, H. pylori are the major cause of stomach cancer, which is one of the most normal types of cancer that can have a less survival rate. The bacteria induce inflammation by introducing a toxin-like substance in the mucosal cells that line the stomach. This regeneration and destruction of these cells can cause the development of stomach cancer.

During the study, Professor Kazuaki Chayama—from HU’s Hospital—along with his team discovered the sources of a weird layer of cells that were present on stomach cancer sites subsequent to treatment of H. pylori. This layer—known as ELA (epithelium with low-grade atypia)—looked like a normal mucosal cell that lines the stomach and worked like a facade to hide stomach cancer. Chayama said, “It was quite interesting scientifically to discover that cancer reoccurs even subsequent to eradicating causal bacteria.”

Recently, the HU was in news as its scientists confirmed a new target for chronic pain relief. A research group at HU observed a possible new aim for chronic pain treatment. Further study using this receptor can lead to a new and more effective drug to utilize in pain-relieving therapies for chronic pain. Circumstances that cause chronic pain could be tough to manage. These comprise cancer, sciatica, and rheumatoid arthritis. The chronic pain mechanisms are complex, which is one of the grounds why pain managing is very difficult, says Professor Norimitsu Morioka from HU.

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