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SoftBank Has Its Eyes Set On The Internet Of Things—Report

About 3 Years ago, SoftBank Group Founder Masayoshi Son had shelled out $32bn on a giant but non-popular chip designer with the hope that it would dominate the emerging market for connected devices in the coming years. The company named Arm Holdings till date was struggling to produce and distribute the technology anticipated to support the concept of the Internet of Things. The term refers to boosting Internet connectivity in daily devices like cars, thermostats, machinery, and more. The England-based Arm has fabricated the Cambridge, which is a processor that can power each smartphone around the globe. However, the software has its sales plummeting over the past 5 Years despite being able to control the connected devices and the current acquisition is expected to help it reach the shore.

In the 2018 fiscal year, the company had its software business inflated to $191m, which is a slice of the $2bn revenue target Arm has set to reach by 2025. There are many third-party software developers believed to support, which showcases the software’s popularity among device vendors and programmers. The connected devices are currently not constructive and thus, Arm’s also has to face a lot of competition from other tech giants such as and Siemens. The Internet of Things space is just slowly blooming and SoftBank and Son has great hopes from the Arm’s deal. The Japanese firm is relying on Arms to stay on top in connecting the world’s devices and also profiting from it.

According to SoftBank, they plan to push the IoT market to $11tn by 2025 and Arm technology will be powering most of that. After the acquisition, Arms let go 255 of its stake to the Vision Fund, which is $100bn medium owned by investors from Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi. Vision has lately decided to lend back the investment to SoftBank looking at the growth scopes. Arms do not only focus on chips but also on chip components, computing devices for boosting the smartphone and computer markets. In 2018, Arm had launched Pelion, which is a software product made to aid producers to handle the connected devices and the data produced by the devices. Amazon’s AWS IoT Core service, Google’s Cloud IoT platform, and Microsoft’s Azure IoT are still competitors for Pelion. SoftBank had earlier acquired Treasure Data for $600m so as to study the information that flows amid mobile apps and sensors. Similarly, Stream Technologies was also purchased for managing devices using cellular and satellite connections.

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